Now you can watch SportsFix on board AirAsia with ROKKI Wi-Fi!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — SportsFix is excited to partner with ROKKI in providing the latest Asian sports content to all AirAsia’s destinations.

Starting from November, all AirAsia guests on ROKKI-enabled flights will be able to watch certain SportsFix’s Asian sports content on their personal mobile devices. Premium sports content will be made available on 49 planes equipped with ROKKI, which guests will be able to access and watch for free.

ROKKI is AirAsia’s onboard Wi-Fi service, offering diverse in-flight entertainment and connectivity using guests’ personal mobile devices to access movies, music, games, travel guides, shopping catalogues and more. Chats and Internet Plans are also available for guests to surf the web.

SportsFix Chief Executive Officer Carl Kirchhoff welcomes the collaboration. “Making our premium sports content available on AirAsia flights via ROKKI is a fantastic opportunity for us to reach new fans who did not have access to our content before. Our collaboration with ROKKI is the first one of its kind in South East Asia and is another testament for innovation in this region.”

Guests can now watch SportsFix content by simply connecting their personal mobile device to ROKKI Wi-Fi for free once the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet.

ROKKI Chief Executive Officer Lalitha Sivanaser says, “We’re excited to expand ROKKI’s content offering to include sports, which has always been in demand among our users. We strive to continually elevate and enhance the travel experience, and that includes helping our guests stay up-to-date with their favourite sporting events even while they’re flying above the clouds.”


About SportsFix

SPORTSFIX is owned by SF Media Holdings Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of TSA (Total Sports Asia), Asia’s global leader in sports content. SportsFix is Asean’s first and only LIVE and VOD sports content OTT platform. Sportsfix is streaming popular local, regional and international sports content on its platform and works closely with Telecommunication operators across the region to deliver the content directly to millions of mobile devices. Anytime, anywhere, now everyone can watch their favourite sports. Check out



ROKKI is a leading provider of in-flight entertainment and connectivity, serving as an in-air digital platform for media, shopping, and connectivity. ROKKI revolutionises the traveller’s experience by enabling them to stay online and connected on their personal mobile device as they fly above the clouds. Proven on the rapidly-expanding network of AirAsia flights that have carried over 500 million guests as a group, ROKKI continues to grow across a number of territories with its on-board Wi-Fi services. For further information, visit or Like ROKKI on Facebook at


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