FIVE Reasons to Invest in SF Tokens!


1. New Sponsorship Partners with major brands and crypto companies like NEM, XL AXIATA, Pundi X, Air Asia and more.

Last month we launched our sponsorship model and we have already partnered with some of the biggest brands in the region and in the crypto communities. For the Denmark Open 2018, NEM, Pundi X, and ProximaX will sponsor Game Day Passes of SportsFix Digital Stadium to stream Badminton World Federation (BWF) LIVE matches, here. These three sponsors have a combined market capitalization worth of $1 billion and represent mainstream adoption of our sponsorship model within the crypto communities.

2. Our Proof-of-Concept of the Digital Stadium is LIVE

SportsFix’ proof-of-concept of the Digital Stadium is LIVE and gained 45,000 new active users this month.The Digital Stadium utilizes Sponsorship Model to marshall social media influence of sports fans, creating a viral growth loop for the Digital Stadium, and allowing sponsors and brands to have 1 on 1 engagement with fans and own 100% share of voice.

First launched in 2017, SportsFix platform has been delivering some of Southeast Asia’s most popular sports content from Liga 1 Gojek, Serie A, world’s premier kickboxing GLORY, to world’s most prestigious badminton tournament, the all-year BWF tournaments. Check out our platform here, SportsFix TV.

3. SFT Increases in Value as the Digital Stadium Grows

Our token model allows for SportsFix tokens to increase in value as the Digital Stadium grows through partnerships and attendance! As the sponsorship revenue grows, the value of your SF tokens increases, so make sure to buy some SF TOKENS! Watch the full explanation here: ‘Why SportsFix Tokens Increase in Value as the Digital Stadium Grows?’

4. Strong Advisory Board Members!

Our advisors include Foundation founder and CEO of ProximaX Lon Wong, the architect behind The Olympic Partner (Top) sponsor program for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Michael Payne, former English Premier League executive Phil Lines, Blockchain investor Salina Bo, ICO & Blockchain marketing expert Michael Terpin, and founder of Blockchain News Richard Kastelein. Head to ‘All You Need to Know About SportsFix Advisors’ here.

5. Team: 50 Years of Cumulative Experience in Sports Industry

Our team features most of the prominent players in sports industry from sports marketing to broadcasting.


  • Our Executive Chairman, Marcus Luer,founded sports marketing agency Total Sports Asia, which had partnered with world’s famous football clubs, including Manchester United and Real Madrid, and football legends like Luis Figo and Gerd Muller!
  • Our CEO, Carl Kirchhoff, co-founded SportsFix and EverSport, two leading sports OTT streaming platforms in USA and Asia and intimately familiar with the sports and media industry in all aspects, from content acquisition, distribution, fan-engagement and supporting data.



IT’S GAME TIME! And we’re changing the way YOU watch sports!

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