Digital Stadium: 10 New Community Partners for BWF Tournaments!

Are you in Indonesia? LIVE stream here: SportsFix TV site

The community partnership is initiated by SportsFix to deliver Game Day Passes to stream BWF tournament’s LIVE matches on our Digital Stadium (beta stage), running until December 2018. Using a Game Day Pass, a fan can enjoy a whole day access to stream matches on SportsFix TV

SportsFix Digital Stadium is a decentralised ecosystem dedicated for sports communities, including fans, brands and clubs to partake in our token economy to enjoy their favourite sports content, allowing more autonomy, new business models and transparency for sports communities to thrive.

Our beta stage of Digital Stadium will stream the nine remaining BWF tournaments in 2018, including Chinese Taipei Open, Denmark Open, French Open, Macau Open, China Masters, Hong Kong Open, Syed Modi International Badminton Championships, Korea Masters, and the ultimate tournament BWF World Tour Finals.

10 New Community Partners for BWF Chinese Taipei Open in SportsFix Digital Stadium

Particularly for BWF Chinese Taipei Open, we offer 10 Indonesia-based badminton communities an exclusive unique access of the Game Day Passesfor the Semi Final and Final matches on Oct. 6 and Oct. 7. Famous Indonesian players who will be playing include Men’s Single Firman Abdul Kholik, Mixed Doubles Rinov Rivaldy & Pitha Haningtyas Mentari, and Ronald & Annisa Saufika.

Our community partners include:

1. Seputar Bulutangkis Dunia

2. Djarum Badminton

3. Indonesia Badminton Players

4. Ina Bulutangkis

5. Indonesia Badminton

6. Indonesia Badminton (Official Sports Channel)

7. Badminton Time

8. Badminton Terkini

9. Teamjonating_ina

10. Badminton Forum

Home for badminton in Indonesia, SportsFix is an OTT platform to live stream leagues and matches based in Kuala Lumpur. In 2017, SportsFix launched its OTT platform and has been delivering some of Southeast Asia’s most popular sports content from Liga 1 Gojek, Serie A, world’s premier kickboxing GLORY, to world’s most prestigious badminton tournament, the all-year BWF tournaments.


IT’S GAME TIME! And we’re changing the way YOU watch sports!

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