This Week’s Contest: 2,500,000 SF Points Awarded Every Friday!

Week 1 (Period: Sept. 21 – Sept. 27), our champion, N. Danh Hoang scored712 new referrals in just one week. On top of that, Hoang remained as #1 Top Member, earning him another 150,000 points. In just one week, he has received a total of 650,000 SF points!

WOW! How did he do that?

Our champion took part in ‘This Week’s Contest’. Dedicated for those who have the ambition to earn Millions of SF points, the contest runs every week, awarding a total of 2,500,000 SF Points to our top members! Check out how you can participate below:

‘This Week’s Contest’ starts every Friday from 12:00AM and ends every Thursday at 11:59PM. Have you joined? Register now here.

Prize 1: 500,000 SF Points

For this particular contest, everyone starts from zero — no matter how many points you have earned before on your dashboard. Task: Share your referral link and get as many as referrals to register our dashboard within 1 week.

Prize 2: 150,000 SF Points (Top 10 Members)

Top 10 members who have the total highest number of referrals will be rewarded with an extra 150,000 SF points for their hard work every week!

Prize 3: 50,000 SF Points (Top 11 — 30 Referral Members)

Top 11–30 referral members will be rewarded with an extra 50,000 SF points for their hard work every week!

This Weeks’ Contest ends on Thursday, Oct. 4 11.59PM


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