Let’s Celebrate Our Achievements!

After rolling out SportsFix Dashboard for our community members, we are very excited to have more than 26,000 new members joined our telegram channel, SportsFix Official Channel, with more than 700 Million SF Pointsawarded so far!

Besides that, we have been working hard with new exciting partnerships with 1) Indonesia-based telco company XL Axiata and 2)blockchain technology company ProximaX, for world’s most prestigious badminton championship Badminton World Federation (BWF), the Victor China Open 2018 and the Victor Korea Open 2018.

1. Purchase and Earn SFT via SportsFix Dashboard!

The SportsFix dashboard, built by our awesome tech team, is the main platform to purchase and earn SFT. What is exciting in the dashboard is that we are offering Token Buying Referral Program for those who would like to earn more SFT — big bonus, via sharing their referral links among their contacts throughout web or social media.

📍Token Buying Referral Program — How it Works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdkXwOMqMro

📍Interested to join? Register and complete our KYC to purchase SFT: https://ico.sportsfix.io/auth/register

Refer & Earn: Token Buying Referral Program

The SportsFix Dashboard also features eight main tasks with a minimum prize of 800 SFT for each member who completes all tasks. One of the most favourite task is the Telegram Referral task, where our Top #1 Referral member is leading with 3,635,000 Points! Interested to join?

Earn a minimum of 800SFT for completing these tasks!

2. XL Axiata Sponsors the Game Day Passes

Rolling out the Digital Stadium to stream BWF Victor China Open 2018, we recently partnered with one of the largest telco companies in Indonesia XL Axiata to sponsor our Game Day Passes, allowing millions of badminton fans in Indonesia to stream badminton matches for five consecutive days, for free!

SportsFix & XL Axiata Partnership for Victor China Open 2018.

3. ProximaX Partnership for the Digital Stadium

Last but not least, we are now partnering with ProximaX for two exciting things! First, they will be the first blockchain company to sponsor our Game Day Passes for the BWF Korea Open 2018, scheduled to be streamed from Oct. 28 to 30 for Indonesia. Second, we will further work closely with ProximaX to advance our Digital Stadium features, utilising their existing technology and services!



Stay tuned for our press release here.


And THERE ARE MORE to come! And we are going to announce the news very soon. Stay in the loop for more exciting updates of our project!

IT’S GAME TIME! And we’re changing the way YOU watch sports!

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Subscribe to our Telegram group: t.me/SFICO

Check out our ICO website: www.sportsfix.io

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