Multi-asset blockchain investor Salina Bo joins SportsFix ICO Advisory board

Salina joins SportsFix Advisory Board through her solid record having in depth experience in top level management overseeing and directing a range of companies through empowering innovation and forward planning and having successfully listed a few of her own companies on the stock markets.

SportsFix is building a decentralized platform to democratize sports content for fans backed by blockchain technology, creating a community-based ecosystem through SportsFix Tokens (SFT) which allows every sports fan to watch, engage, and be rewarded by their favorite clubs and communities across the globe.

As the cryptocurrency space is not fully regulated, SportsFix aims to create a secure data processing on the platform for our users which includes, but not limited to, compliance verification, fraud detection and personal data protection.

With more than two decades of experience in top level management, Salina is currently the Vice President of AA Union Capital, focusing on blockchain app development through the implementation of KYCBench, a security platform to help verify KYC (Know-Your-Customer) data for ICO whitelists and non-blockchain enterprises by using Vguard Protocol in helping automatization of data collection and verification.

“We are pleased to have Salina on board with us on the Advisory Board. Salina is a proven entrepreneur and multi-asset blockchain investor and we are excited to work together in disrupting the way fans consume sports while also advising on how to create secure data processing,” said SportsFix co-Founder Marcus Luer.

“The sports content industry has one of the biggest potential in implementing blockchain technology, especially on delivering transparency and trust to sports fans for the content they want. I am happy to advise SportsFix in creating a reliable ecosystem through Blockchain technology.” said Salina

SportsFix is soon delivering a self-contained economy of the Digital Stadium, combining blockchain technology to create trust and transparency. Our future platform will allow users to tokenize live game content using SportsFix Token (SFT), fuelling the ultimate streaming platform for fans to watch, connect, and be rewarded from their favourite clubs, sponsors, and communities!

About SportsFix

SPORTSFIX is owned by SF Media Holdings Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of TSA (Total Sports Asia), Asia’s global leader in sports content. SPORTSFIX is ASEAN’s first and only LIVE and VOD sports content OTT platform. SPORTSFIX is streaming popular local, regional and international sports content on its platform and works closely with Telcom operators across the region to deliver the content directly to millions of mobile devices. Anytime, anywhere, now everyone can watch their favorite sports. Check out


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