OTT And The Future Of Esports

OTT today can be termed as the word of the millennials. With most content today being consumed on the internet, the cake space taken by OTT in the pie of content consumption is growing hugely. While OTT has consumed almost all sectors of content, sports as a sector has outgrown itself in its consumption on the internet.

Carl Kirchoff, CEO, Sportsfix, speaking at the SPIA Asia 2017 here in Thailand highlighted the growing trend of sports consumption through OTT. “You can save $1197.24 every year by cutting cable and subscribing to some of the OTT platforms”, said Kirchoff.

Carl also underlined the type of sports related content being consumed through OTT and gave advice on how to attract the new age OTT audience. “If you provide easy access to content which is engaging, provide social and gamification support and are producing both live and VOD content, you can become a great sports OTT platform”, advised Kirchoff who runs Sportsfix, one of the fastest growing OTT sports platforms in the ASEAN region.

Claude Ringuet, MD, South East Asia and Greater China, Nielsen also speaking at the SPIA Asia pointed out how esports is destined to a $1.1 Billion market by 2019 (numbers: Goldman Sachs). “Forbes puts the number at 46 million unique sports OTT viewers in the year 2017”, added Claude.

Esports will also be officially added to Hangzhou Asian Games 2022.


Visit BusinessWorld for more information.

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